VA – A Black Mark Tribute Vol.II (1998)

01. Purity - It's Allright For You [The Police cover]
02. Necrophobic - Moonchild [Iron Maiden cover]
03. Hexenhaus - Sunshine Of Your Love [Cream cover]
04. World Of Silence - Black Celebration [Depeche Mode cover]
05. Quorthon - I'm Only Sleeping [The Beatles cover]
06. Nightingale - C'est La Vie [Greg Lake cover]
07. Memento Mori - To Hell And Back Again [Saxon cover]
08. Divine Sin - You Can't Stop Rock 'n Roll [Twisted Sister cover]
09. Edge Of Sanity - Mother [Danzig cover]
10. Mental Crypt - Money, Money, Money [ABBA cover]
11. Bathory - War Pigs [Black Sabbath cover]

A Mercyful Tribute To The Sisters cover front

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